Arnold Glas VarioTransArnold Glas VarioTransArnold Glas VarioTrans

Dichroic Glass

Multi-coloured glass is inspiring. Poets, men of letters and artists like to deal with the play of light and multi-coloured glass. It is this play that makes the world really lively. Arnold Glas uses the interplay of light and glass for a very special aesthetic approach in architecture as VarioTrans dichroic glass revives the colourfulness of light. To the observer, dichroic glass creates a surprisingly lively light scenario as the special glass changes its colour when illuminated, in sun and clouds or by shifting the viewing angle. In this way, it incorporates its environment, lives and surprises the observer afresh. Whether for architects, object designers, façade planner or artists - VarioTrans is a material which lends wings to ideas and innovations.